1000 Islands Ecology

Species Checklists
for the
Thousand Islands Ecosystem

Oliver K. Reichl, B.E.S.(Hons)

These checklists include species whose range includes the Thousand Islands ecosystem. While the presence of many species has been established, many others await confirmation. Tracked species have been deemed to be "at risk" federally (COSEWIC) and/or provincially (SARO) and all sightings should be reported to Ontario's Natural Heritage Resources Centre (NHIC). Simply click the link ("Yes") to go directly to the NHIC's online reporting form.

Each list was initially sorted alphabetically based on the currently accepted Latin taxonomy. English and French translations retain the initial Latin sorting, except for individual species names, which are resorted alphabetically in the given language.

Vascular Plants
Non-vascular Plants

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The 1000 Islands Ecosystem

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